Stop Snoring In 7 Days & These Effective Tongue Exercises

If your partner is willing to wear earplugs while you two sleep because you snore too loudly, you're quite lucky. But for those who aren't as fortunate and their partner is constantly complaining, these exercises may offer hope.
First, though, you should make sure it's not because of obstructive sleep apnea, which causes a person to stop breathing in their sleep due to excessively relaxed throat muscles that result in blocked airways. Once that's ruled out, you can proceed to the exercises below that could offer great relief to both you and your partner:
  • Push your tongue's tip right against the roof of your mouth.
  • Then, slide your tongue backward for 20 times.
  • This is another pushing exercise just like the first one, but this time you will keep the back of your tongue in its place firmly as you put the tip of your tongue to the inside of your front teeth.
  • Do this 20 times as well.
  • The next exercise is to simply suck your tongue upwards while keeping it against the roof of your mouth. Do this for 20 times.
  • Another exercise to stop snoring is to lift your mouth's soft palate, which is the fleshy part that is flexible at the back of the roof of your mouth.
  • Lift your uvula as well, which is the fleshy extension right behind your soft palate. Repeat 20 times.
  • This next exercise involves your finger and mouth.
  • With your index finger, pull your cheek muscle from the inside away from your teeth.
  • Do this on both sides for 10 times each.
  • This last exercise is what you will do every time you eat. Bite on your food, then lift your tongue and press it against the roof of your mouth when you swallow. Make sure you don't tighten your cheek muscles.
  • As with physical exercises, you need to do the exercise of your choice regularly. But there is nothing to be worried about because they are really easy and you can even do them while you're at work or anywhere you may be.
  • The exercises above have been proven by science to be effective. Researchers from UCLA asked the study participants to perform the exercises for three months. Those who did saw a reduction of 36% in snoring and up to 59% in the intensity of the sound of their snores, as published in the American College of Chest Physicians. So if you snore and you want it to stop, incorporate the exercises to your daily routine and you will surely see the difference.



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