Is Itching Really a Sign of Wound Healing?

Did your grandma ever say to you,  that, "If it is itching, it is healing"?  

Putting a bandage over an open wound helps it heal by preventing dirt and other particles from hurting the wound even more.

 It is a fact that leaving your wounds alone helps the healing process. And many people also say that healing improves when we remove the bandages after some time. 

However, the healing process can cause a lot of itching. 

The itch can end up irritating, even more, a skin that is already sensitive, and sometimes the growing tissues might be removed when we accidentally scratch the itching scabs, which ends up slowing the recovery and causes a scar.

But do you know why your healing wounds itch?

If that's your case, learn some cautions you must take during the healing process and with your scars: 

It is necessary to be careful with the exposure of your wound so it doesn't rupture;

Remember to not scratch the scars in their initial phase. 

Did you know that rubbing your hand over the healing area increases the sensation of itchiness? So, keep your nails always clean and well-trimmed. 

Do not expose the healing area to sunlight while the scar hasn't reached a color close to your skin tone, and use sunscreen to protect the scar since the area will be more sensitive. 

And, last, but not least, if the itching becomes too intense, seek a doctor or dermatologist, who will prescribe you an antihistamine or a low-potency corticoid.


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