4 Powerful Smoothies to Fight Constipation

 Did you know that laxative smoothies are a great option for treating constipation? 

It certainly has happened to you at some point in your life.

 It usually happens during travels, periods of high stress, and the main reason, to which few people pay attention: the lack of fiber ingested during your daily life. 

A laxative smoothie is a natural way of preventing  constipation and making your intestine work naturally. 

These smoothies are loaded with fiber, vitamins and minerals, and they are also high in water, which helps to keep our body well hydrated. 

Besides helping your intestine work, these smoothies can also help you lose weight since they improve the intestinal transit and body functioning. Isn't it amazing? 

Do you want to learn 4 easy and quick recipes to make when your intestine doesn't want to work? 

Papaya, plum and oats smoothie

Grape and ginger smoothie 

Orange, papaya, and flaxseed smoothie

Pear and lemon smoothie 

Did you already know any of these natural smoothies to end constipation? 

These smoothies can be consumed daily and even by babies and children, although in lesser amounts as to not cause diarrhea. 

Try them and share your experience with us!


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