How To Lose Weight Without Dieting (Intuitive Eating)

 Are you trying to lose weight, but the scale just won’t budge? Have you ever heard about intuitive eating?

Intuitive eating is a new way of engaging with food. Did you know that? 

Who has never surrendered to a diet after eating too much during the holidays or wrote down "focus on diet and eating" as a New Year's resolution? 

These kinds of thoughts are very common when our relationship with food is bad, and we go into restrictive diets and stop eating certain things to try and make peace with the scale. 

However, there is a method that completely refuses this idea of restrictive eating as a way of becoming healthier. Did you know that? 

This method is called intuitive eating. 

Created in the 1990s, this method came to challenge the idea that we will be healthier if we deprive ourselves of eating certain things. 

The main idea of intuitive eating is engaging with food in a balanced way, noticing our body and what it needs. In this method, it is necessary to turn our attention to our bodies, to identify when we are hungry or satiated, respecting our limits and cravings. 

According to the creators of intuitive eating, Evelyn Tribole and Elyse, there are 10 principles that you need to consider to have a good relationship with food. 

Watch the video to learn the main principles of Intuitive Eating!

Are you willing to try this new method? 

Add these habits to your routine, then tell us how it went.


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