This Is Why Your Hands And Feet Are Always Cold

 Are your hands and feet always cold? It is a common symptom, especially in the winter. 

However, if your hands and feet are cold even when the temperatures aren't low, it might be caused by health issues. Did you know that?

See now what are the main reasons for your cold hands and feet: 

Circulatory issues 

Conditions that hinder the distribution of blood through the body can cause many health issues, from the most serious to the simplest ones, like cold extremities. 


When we feel anxious, the blood flow gets redirected toward the most important organs of the body, as a natural means of protection. 


Some people that have diabetes may present diabetic peripheral neuropathy, a condition that causes cold hands and feet, besides pain, numbness, and tingling sensation. 


Did you know that the lack of red blood cells can also cause cold feet and hands? 


Did you know that smoking causes blood circulation issues? 

Raynaud's disease 

Have you ever heard about this disease? This health condition is more common amongst women and turns the hands purple. 


Characterized by the poor functioning of the thyroid, a gland localized in the neck whose function is to regulate metabolism. 

Seek a physician or cardiologist if your feet and hands are always cold and you present other symptoms, such as fainting, accelerated heart frequency, frequent fatigue, pain in the calves when walking, swollen legs and feet, or purple nails. 

Do the necessary examinations to investigate your case.


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