6 Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar !

Since little children, we know that candy gives us energy and spoils our teeth.  So if you take too much sugar daily and don’t use it from an energetic point of view, such as sweating and exercising, going to the gym and jogging, mountaineering or cycling, all that energy would be in vain.

Basically, you would eat all those calories for nothing. That’s why they call sugar calories “empty calories”.

Natalie Lamb is here to help you with your diet and daily sugar intake. This leading nutritional specialist warns especially about the following signs.

If you have all of them or plenty of them, you should definitely take care of how much sugar you eat on a regular daily bases.

1. Constant cravings.

Though constant cravings are normal for pregnant women, or women before getting their period, it’s not normal to have cravings for sugar or snacks very often.

There’s a scientific explanation why something so unhealthy gives us much more pleasure than eating healthy sugars, such as the ones found in fruits.

These food release dopamine, the pleasure hormone faster than the other sugars. So basically, if you cut off the sugar instantly, you will fall into depression and crisis.

That’s why Natalie suggests replacing the sugary cravings with Lepicol Lighter, a food supplement that contains glucomannan, chromium, and psyllium husk fibers, that support a healthy bowel movement.

2. Weakened immune system.

About 2/3rds from our immune system, which is approximately 70% are located in the gut. There are a “good bacteria” which is crucial to keep a balanced and healthy organism.

A diet that’s high in sugar, unhealthy sugar instead of fiber, disbalances the work of our gut, thus, bringing our immune system down.

3. Insomnia.

There are a variety of factors that trigger insomnia, such as fear, nightmares, back pain, etc. but too much sugar intake is most definitely one of them.

The serotonin, known as the “happy hormone” and the melatonin, the “sleep hormone” are closely connected. The first one is produced in the gut and the second one, in the brain. However, as we’ve mentioned previously, an unhealthy gut disbalances the whole metabolism. Cut off with the sugar and get some well night rest.

4. Weight gain.

Well, it’s a notorious fact that sugar adds up those pounds like crazy.  It is because glucose, as a huge amount of energy and calorie source to the body, if it’s not used, it is stored inside the muscles, the liver…..or around the organs, as fat tissue.

5. Premature aging.

Collagen and elastin, the main reason why our skin looks soft and young are also directly connected with the sugar intake. Too much sugar makes your skin wrinkled and dry since it absorbs the water you take.

Also, too much sugar can heighten up the cholesterol and triglycerides, causing acne to show up, especially in the T-zone.

6. Low energy.

We constantly mention that sugar releases an enormous amount of energy, so you must be wondering; how would you have low energy if you take too much sugar?

The answer is simple. Following the sugar consumption, the pancreas releases insulin, which is necessary to transfer the glucose to each cell.

Then you fell all energetic and “high”, the same effect as in drugs. And normally, if you don’t “have another shot” of sugar, the energy you used to feel will be gone and the level for you to be happy and energetic once more, will be higher, since you intake a lot of sugar a the organism can’t handle reaching that level of energy by itself.

Do these symptoms sound familiar? Or could you just be imagining stuff? Anyway, you know yourself best! Why don’t you just make a regular blood picture and check your health?

Source: https://ideastotry.info


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