The Little Pocket on Women’s Underwear Actually Has a Function!

We tend to overthink in life. Not just about the big stuff, but also about the small questions. Why is furniture mostly made brown? Why do walls come mostly in white color? Why is there are pocket in my pants?

Well, mostly the answers to these small silly questions are so obvious that when they hit you, you are going to be even more confused than you didn’t figure it out for yourself.

Underwear is the most common and universal piece of clothing all over the world. All ages, all genders, all nations. The underwear comes in all sizes and shapes – thongs, French cut panties, G-string, classic briefs, etc.

However, all over the world, they have one thing in common – they all have a “small pocket” right in the middle, where the most intimate parts on our body are placed. Even man’s underwear have that!

Have you ever wondered – is there a purpose for this? It has to be! Otherwise, the sewing companies all over the world simply can not make the same mistake over and over again.

Well, here’s the answer. The “little pocket” is not a pocket at all, because the purpose is not putting something inside it.

It’s actually called a gusset. A gusset is “a triangular or rhomboidal piece of fabric inserted into a seam to add breadth or reduce stress from tight-fitting clothing.”

This definition explains the purpose. Especially in the 21st century, ruled by capitalism, even necessities became big corporation names. Such as Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Armani, etc.

And to be plagiate protected, they have to invent new ideas for the style and the look, the material of the underwear, etc. With all the diversity of materials and shapes underwear are made today, such as elastic bands, crochet, PVC, polyester, satin, etc, comfort is the last thing on mind buying them.

Se*iness and trend are why most people buy underwear and their sole purpose – making you comfortable and protecting your intimate hygiene come in the last place nowadays.

That’s why all underwear has the gusset, which is always made from fine cotton, adding extra comfort in uncomfortable and tight materials.



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