What Is Causing You to Have Cough at Night?

 Have you ever noticed that many diseases and discomforts get worse at night? 

Parents and people who get sick easily already know that, at night, things are always more intense. Isn't it true? 

But do you know why it happens? 

Many intertwined factors cause this, starting with the circadian rhythm. Hormone levels, such as the stress hormone (cortisol), change during the night, and that affects the airways. 

After midnight, the breathing slows down, which results in the less efficient transfer of oxygen in blood flow and the elimination of carbon dioxide by the lungs. Isn't it interesting? 

Also, the action of anti-inflammatory mediators is reduced without sunlight, which facilitates the release of the inflammatory response. This is why fevers and pains get worse at night. 

Now that we understand the general aspect of "night worsening," watch the video to see some specific symptoms and why they get worse. 



Nasal congestion 


Remember that to sleep comfortably, the bedroom should be neither too hot nor too cold. 

The ideal temperature for a good night of sleep is between 60 to 69 F. The humidity levels should be around 40 to 60%.

Practicing some breathing exercises may help you sleep better.


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