51 Year Old Looks 20 | Almond Night Cream & Night Face Pack - Remove Wrinkles & Tighten Sagging Skin

Face massage is one of my favorite ways of treating the skin, you don't need to be afraid of massaging the skin, your face won't sag that's a myth and you won't do any damage. 

 Its something I have done for years on myself and in my facial treatments and also in methods I have trained other therapists in, which combine many methods from around the world from, Japanese face massage, lifting face massage, myofascial massage, Indian face massage, sculpting face massage and so much more. 

 This video demonstrates how simple and effective face lifting massage can be to lift and sculpt the face with methods from a professional skin expert and Facialist. 

 These types of face massage moves should never hurt, can be done on a normal skin 1-4 times a week, if you young, sensitive, or acne-prone then this is going to be too stimulating for you. 

You can use some of these methods in your daily cleansing routine and maybe just once a month or once every other week at-home facial. 

 They are great for smoothing the forehead, massaging to get beautiful cheekbones, supporting reducing eye wrinkles and so much more. And remember if you want results from its a combined approach, massage on its own will only go so far, your skincare products and facials are also key to keeping your skin looking youthful.


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