7 Expectations Men Have of Women in a Relationship

 You've kissed a lot of toads, but you still haven't met your Prince Charming, don't you? Alternatively, are you merely clinging to a memory that never existed? Read on if you're curious about what makes a guy fall in love with a lady and desire to marry her.

Ladies, please remember that he doesn't desire a clinging girlfriend. You have a better chance of winning the lottery if you are a single person with a tight circle of friends whom you can spend time with on your own.

It's up to the males to be gentlemanly and make the first move by asking the woman out. A man is attracted to a lady who never initiates contact. Being a woman and letting him determine how he wants to woo you by serenading you!

When you see him, does your heart begin to beat faster? Do you want to see him because of the way he sounds? Some people may have similar feelings, but others may feel safe and secure with him. This is a solid basis from which to build a long-term relationship.

A friend of mine once told me not to worry over the tiniest details. On the other hand, it's really necessary in a fresh partnership. Showing him that you care about him in little ways can warm his heart.

When it comes to physical intimacy, absolutely, but don't go overboard straight away. You don't want to turn him off with too much PDA. To start a new relationship, men like to be flirty but not sexual.

If you're on your first date, don't rush into bed. An otherwise lovely relationship may be ruined by a little lust. Both of you may wind up sharing nothing more in common except your desire for one another's bodies. Wait a time before making a final decision on the purchase.

In the end, a guy just wants a lady he can trust and respect. In the event that he is aware that he will not be able to get away with anything, he is more inclined to avoid it. If a man you're interested in is cheating on you, is married, or has a history of domestic violence, you should steer clear.


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