The adage goes something like this: "Men come from Mars, women from Venus." Men, in contrast to women, do not tend to bring up issues such as these when talking about their wants, needs, and expectations.

The fact that they are less certain of their own future is also to blame, as is the fact that they do not always know what they want.

This means that men don't ask for anything since they don't even recognize that they are lacking it. On the other hand, if you can "read his mind" and find out what he truly needs for a gift, surprise, or even something tiny, he will enjoy it much more.

For the most part, men aren't aware of or brave enough to say that they really adore these five things:

When a young lady approaches them for guidance,

Men need the sense of accomplishment that comes from doing something significant. Just to make yourself feel good about yourself. To make the most of each day. This isn't limited to their professional endeavors.

A man's ability to share a piece of his thinking with his spouse is also highly significant. It doesn't matter what kind of advise you're looking for: clothes, food, employment, etc. What important is that he now has a stronger sense of belonging and importance in their relationship.

Because they're solution-oriented and desire to mend problems, males excel at giving advise. Another benefit of asking for counsel from guys is that they are known to be "strict to the point."


Acknowledging a kind word I'm something every guy craves, but is afraid to confess because they fear his lover will see them as less masculine if they do.

Men, like women, have insecurities about the way they look and how things appear on them. They, too, are human beings!

In order to look nice, guys work out and trim their hair and beard more regularly than a woman would, but they would never come out and admit that their spouse does not appreciate the effort they put into their appearance.

Whenever a woman expresses her demands in a manner that makes her feel good about herself

If a guy really cares about his girlfriend, he'll go to great lengths to ensure that she is happy. A guy who doesn't believe he can make his girlfriend happy is likely to break up with her.

For example, instead of remaining quiet and avoiding the "elephant in the room," a woman could find a way to talk with her partner about her dissatisfaction with the present she received for her birthday, or with how things are going in the bedroom.

When men's pride is wounded, it doesn't go away. It's also good news for the male if a woman begins "lecturing" instead of conversing, since he'll feel like he's a kid instead of a man.


Despite the fact that men seem to be obstinate and willing to achieve anything, they nevertheless want assistance and support along the path.

It's also important that they feel supported since they're unable to deal effectively with failure on their own, so they don't see it as the end of the world. There are times when a woman is supportive and proud, and there are others when she's displeased and he makes the same errors as before because he feels worthless or unhappy about himself. Obviously, that's not a good thing for the partnership.

Wishing for him

To know that his girlfriend is sexually content from him is the most important thing to a guy. The males of all species share this trait, at least in terms of evolution. While women in certain animals battle for their husbands, this is not the case in the human world. For a guy, there is nothing more exciting than witnessing his girlfriend or wife become excited about him.


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