Clean 6 Things You Don't Clean Enough

 Do you like the task of housework?

Cleaning is a hobby for some individuals, and they are always prepared to take on whatever grime they come across with their sponges and soap. Is this how you really are?

Or are you more of a laid-back kind who doesn't sweat the little stuff?

The key to a thorough cleaning is how often we clean our homes and cooking utensils, according to the experts.

In this manner, we develop routines that allow us to make better use of our time since we are certain that everything is just right.

Here are a few of these bad habits:

How to properly maintain your cutting board

Do you have a cutting board for chopping up veggies and even meat? When not cleaned properly, this instrument poses a health risk to everyone in your household.

Bowls and spoons made of wood

Because of its porous nature, wood can easily take in many contaminants, including food residues and moisture.

a kitchen sponge and a set of cleaning rags

Did you know that the places in your home where food is stored or prepared are the most contaminated?


This is where we store a wide variety of foods, all of which must coexist in a confined space. Foods must be arranged according to kind to minimize cross-contamination.


Cross-contamination is another another problem with this culinary item. Every time the blender is used, it needs a thorough cleaning with antibacterial dish soap and water.

Cleaning these things on a regular basis can help keep your home healthy, say experts.

If you've already tried it, please tell us about it.


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