Construct This DIY Fruit Fly Trap to Quickly Eliminate Them

Pests like fruit flies can be a major nuisance, especially in the summer. Rripe produce, sugary substances, and other forms of organic matter all serve as magnets for these pests. They won't bite, but their presence can spoil food because of the bacteria they carry. An apple cider vinegar trap is a cheap and easy way to get rid of those pesky insects.

Apple cider vinegar's unique sweet-and-sour aroma makes it a great tool for luring and entrapping fruit flies. With the addition of a few drops of dish soap, it turns into a sticky substance that the flies have a hard time getting off of. Because dish soap is a surfactant, it reduces the vinegar's surface tension and makes it easier for the flies to drown.

Only a small jar or bowl, some dish soap, and apple cider vinegar are needed to set up the trap. Put one cup of apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap into the container. Put the bowl or jar in the area where the fruit flies have been spotted.

Attracted flies will attempt to land on the surface of the trap, where they will be caught and drown. The trap can be replaced with a new one and the vinegar supply replenished as needed to continue to deter fruit flies indefinitely.

A piece of ripe fruit can also be used as a fruit fly trap if you don't have any apple cider vinegar on hand. Fruit can be stored in a plastic bag with the top cut off. Because the fruit smells so good, the flies will follow it and end up inside the bag.

In conclusion, if you want to get rid of fruit flies without breaking the bank, try setting up an apple cider vinegar trap. A few simple items from your cupboard can help you maintain a pest-free kitchen and make for a more pleasant, healthy environment.


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