From a 12K Salary to Thriving as a Freelance Content Writer: My Journey of Resilience

Have you ever wondered if your salary brings you happiness? Well, I can proudly say, "YES!" Let me take you on a journey through my career transformation.

I started as a customer care executive earning 12,000 per month. The pivotal moment came in 2020 when my company shifted to remote work due to a lockdown. Working from home allowed me ample time to explore new skills and elevate my career.

With a night shift from 10:30 pm to 8:30 am, I delved into my passion for writing. I scoured the internet, took a short copywriting and content writing course, and applied my learnings. Soon, I secured my first client, writing daily blog posts for an educational website.

Despite the low pay initially, I cherished every payout. However, in April 2022, my world turned upside down when my company went bankrupt, and I lost my main job. Determined, I began applying for content writing positions.

Facing rejection and uncertainty, I reminded myself to trust my talent. Freelance opportunities caught my eye, and after two months of perseverance, I secured my first full-time freelance writing job with a payout of 25K.

The journey wasn't swift, and I received little support from friends, siblings, or even my parents. Independence was challenging, but the rewards were worth it. Currently earning around 35K, my progress may seem slow, but the lessons learned are invaluable.

Life won't always provide a safety net, but the fruits of resilience are abundant. My message is clear: Never give up, no matter the challenges you face. If you ever feel down, know that I'm just a DM away. 🌟💪 #CareerTransformation #FreelanceWriter #ResilienceJourney #NeverGiveUp


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