How to Create Cloud Text Effect in Photoshop

This tutorial will demonstrate how you can use brushes to easily create a cloud text effect.
cloud text effect
You’ll need:
Step 1
Create a new document of 1000px width and 500px height. Set the colors #3497b6 and #97d5e6 as the foreground and background color respectively. Now, choose the Gradient Tool, select the Foreground to Background gradient, pick the Liner Gradient option in the top menu and create the gradient by clicking and dragging from the top to bottom.
 cloud text effect gradient
Step 2
Write your text with font Arial Black, size 350pt and Tracking value 100.
 cloud text effect text
Ctrl-click the text layer in the layers palette to create a selection.
 cloud text effect selection
Hide the text layer by clicking on the layer visibility icon (the eye).
 cloud text effect hide layer
Step 3
Select the Brush Tool, set white as the foreground color, create a new layer and name it “Clouds”.
 cloud text effect clouds layer
Choose a Cloud brush, keep its size at about 200-300px and start painting in the selection. You can use different Cloud brushes to add some variation. Remember to leave enough space so that the clouds can maintain their details.
cloud text effect cloud text
Once you’re done, remove the selection by pressing Ctrl+D.
 cloud text effect deselect
Step 4
Right click the text layer and choose Create Work Path.
 cloud text effect create work path
Select the Eraser Tool and open the Brush Panel.
cloud text effect eraser tool
Select the “Per Stroke Brightness Variance” brush and change its settings as shown below.
 cloud text effect brush panel
 cloud text effect brush panel shape dynamics
Step 5
Choose the Direct Selection Tool, make the Clouds layer active by clicking on it, right click on the work path and select Stroke Path.
 cloud text effect stroke path
From the drop-down menu, choose Eraser and uncheck the Simulate Pressure box. Then, press OK.
cloud text effect stroke path eraser
Doing so will stroke the path with the Eraser and create more feathery and fluffy edges. Press Enter to remove the path.
 cloud text effect stroke path result
Step 6
Create a new layer above the Background layer and lower its opacity to 30%. Now, choose any Cloud brush and add some clouds on the layer.
cloud text effect new layer
And we’re done!
cloud text effect


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