Quick Tip: Mastering Mission Control

Mission Control is an awesome way to keep your OS X working environment organized. It helps you save your sanity, cut the clutter and push productivity to the max by providing you with an incredibly robust way to manage all of your application windows.
Not only will run through a quick overview of how it works, we'll also dive deep and discover some customization options and tricks that even advanced users might not know about.

Mastering Mission Control

Shortcut Overview

Here's a quick run down of some of the tips and shortcuts that we go over in the video. Keep in mind that some of the gestures and shortcuts might be set different on your machine. Hit up System Preferences>Mission Control if something isn't working.

Launching Mission Control

  • Trackpad: Swipe up with three fingers
  • Magic Mouse: Double tap with two fingers
  • F3 (changes depending on your keyboard setup)
  • Control + Up Arrow
  • Set up a Hot Corner to launch Mission Control quickly with your cursor

Getting Around

  • Click and drag desktops to rearrange them
  • Drag a window to the top right to create a new desktop

Customization Options

  • Disable automatic rearranging of your desktops in System Preferences>Mission Control
  • Assign apps to desktops by right clicking on their icon and going to "Options"
  • Change your Mission Control shortcuts in System Preferences>Mission Control

Mission Control Tips and Tricks

  • Switch Active Desktops: Option-click thumbnail or swipe left/right (three fingers on a trackpad, two on the Magic Mouse)
  • Hold the Option key for more options
  • Spread Out a Group of Windows: Swipe up while hovering (two fingers on a trackpad, one on the Magic Mouse.)
  • Enlarge a Window: Hit space while hovering
  • Move All Windows for an App: Click and drag the icon below the window group


  • Launch Exposé: Swipe down with three fingers on a trackpad
  • Switch apps: hit tab or tilde

What Did I Miss?

Now that you've seen my Mission Control tips and tricks, it's time to jump into the conversation and add your own. Leave a comment below and let us know about any hidden features that you've discovered.


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