Baby girl patiently waits for the beat to drop, busts a move in adorable fashion when it does

Everyone knows the sheer joy they feel when their jam comes on the radio and they get to bust out some sweet car dance moves. Dancing and music are some of the greatest joys in life and have the ability to change how we feel in an instant. All your cares just melt away when that beat drops.
All your cares just melt away when that beat drops. Just ask little Maddie.
Maddie may only be a toddler but the girl’s got more rhythm than you! Her uncle, Ethan Than, posted a ridiculously cute video of Maddie groovin’ to Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk.
Source: YouTube Screenshot
Maddie is seen bopping her head around, moving her shoulders, and pointing her little toddler fingers to the song while her family giggles at how good her moves are.
But when that beat drops, Maddie goes all out and starts jamming out with some serious dance moves.
“She knows where the beat is,” someone says in the background laughing.
Source: YouTube Screenshot

When her song is over she happily claps in delight. This video is insanely adorable and has been viewed more than 2 million times since it was posted on YouTube on May 13.
We love it so so much and think you will too. It’s an instant feel-good cure. Watch it below and try not to laugh out loud!
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Source: Ethan Than


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