Boy spots cop eating alone, pays for his meal and leaves touching note on the receipt

One day, the always smiling nine-year-old boy Noah from Lakeland, Florida, suddenly spotted a police officer in a restaurant where they were having breakfast. Noah noticed that the police officer was eating his breakfast alone, but was ready to immediately drop everything and intervene in a police matter.
Noah has a sweet admiration for the men and women of the police force, but this police officer never expected what the little boy did next.
Noah’s mom Amanda Cantin decided to share the story of Noah and the police officer on her Facebook page. He wants to become a police officer himself when he grows up. He asked his mom if he could go over to the man and quickly say hello.

Source: Lakeland PD

When Noah was planning to approach Officer Eddie Benitez, he didn’t know what to say and kind of froze – as if he was starstruck that he would meet his idol.
Instead of talking, he decided to do something else entirely. Noah’s ninth birthday was approaching and he was already saving some of his birthday money. He decided to ask one of the servers to pay for Officer Benitez’ bill, and also asked if he could write something on the ticket.
“I want to be you when I grow up. Thank you for your service,” Noah adorably wrote down.
At that point, Noah was confident enough to go and greet the officer and handed him the note. Officer Eddie couldn’t believe his eyes and the fact that a nine-year-boy would thank him for his service and even pay for his breakfast.

Source: Lakeland PD

“He didn’t understand why this little boy was walking down there with his tab. His face was very shocked,” Amanda recalls.
Immediately, the police officer wanted to take a picture with his Noah as he was very touched by the whole encounter.
Noah dreams of “making the world a better place and capturing the bad guys”. Amanda said on her Facebook page that she would be “one proud mom” if he decided to wear a police uniform and badge ten years from now. She’s definitely extremely proud of her son now for being such a polite and friendly child.
See the full post from the police officer below:
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Source: Lakeland PD


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