Girl fighting cancer dances to famous song – Artist wells up in tears when he sees the video

Music is a powerful force with the ability to heal and bring light and joy even during the darkest of times. A good tune can make us forget about all the things that aren’t going so well in our lives.
And even if it’s only for a few minutes, sometimes a few minutes is all we need.
A video that shows the true power of music recently captured the heart of Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi after it went viral.
It actually had him in tears.

The video shows a young girl who is fighting cancer from her hospital bed in Puerto Montt, Chile.
Even though cancer has taken her hair and forced her into quarantine, she still wanted to get up and dance when she heard some happy music.

The beautiful girl is laughing and dancing while a group of clowns, dressed in white doctors’ coats stand outside the quarantine window playing Fonsi’s popular song “Despacito.” The girl mimics their moves with a huge grin on her face.
The clowns were from Clowntagiosos, an organization of doctors who dress like clowns to cheer up sick children. It is unknown what type of cancer the girl has, but it is assumed that it is a type that’s put her in a delicate condition since she is in quarantine.

Source: CEN

Not only was Fonsi touched that she was enjoying his song, but he was also touched because the performance came from his hometown of Chile.

Source: CEN

“I welled up with tears in my eyes when I saw this,” Fonsi wrote on Instagram. “This is the power of music! This makes things be in perspective, what the real important things are in life: health, love, faith, family. how many things children teach us.”

Source: CEN

The video has not only captured Fonsi’s heart but the hearts of more than a million around the world.
After Clowntagiosos posted the video it got more than 1.8 million views and 50,100 shares with people commenting, “I love those doctors, God bless you” and “What beautiful things they do for our children to make them laugh because then they forget their illnesses.”
These are the types of videos that really help us put our lives into perspective.
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