Mom uses savings to pay for deaf daughter-in-law’s ear surgery. Then Ellen hands them a check

For 34 years, Sarah has been entirely deaf in both of her ears. Born with a rare condition that caused the hairs that assist in hearing to function irregularly, Sarah has been deaf since the day she was born.
Still, the mother of two has overcome the odds and led a very successful and healthy life. All this changed for Sarah when she finally got her first hearing aid after over thirty years of being deaf. With an incredibly high cost of over thirty thousand dollars per ear, Sarah and her husband tried to save up for a long time to pay for the hearing aids, but with the expenses of two children weighing heavy on the family, it did not work out.

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Sarah’s mother-in-law, who had been saving up for her retirement for a long time, decided she had to step in and do something for her son and daughter in law. Investing everything she had in her daughter in law, Sarah’s mother in law Lari was able to pay for the operation.
Sarah’s story stretched to all sides of the world and ended up finding its way to the Ellen show. When Ellen had asked Sarah what it has been like being able to hear everything for the first time, she explained how the experience has been a lot to take in.
“[I have been] hearing music clearly, the rain, thunder, birds…um…things that normal people wouldn’t think of hearing, but my husband snoring,” Sarah explained with a smile.

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Ellen changed directions and highlighted Sarah’s amazing mother in law, Lari, who actually coughed up the thirty thousand dollars to help her have the procedure done in one ear.
“Sarah is the best daughter in law in the world, and this device became available…I am not wealthy at all…I cashed in a small retirement fund that I had,” Lari explained to Ellen.
With a thundering round of applause, the amazing sacrifice was highlighted for the world to see right there on Ellen’s show. Not covered by health insurance, the procedure ended up being a life-changing moment for Sarah and her family. What happened next was unimaginable.

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The medical device company that produced the hearing aid actually donated one free to Sarah so she could have both ears in hearing condition. On top of that, the company decided to give Lari the thirty thousand dollars she had spent back in full. This incredible circle of generosity just goes to show how amazing the world can be sometimes. Lari had sacrificed so much with her only goal being to bring happiness into the lives of her son and daughter in law, and in turn, her amazing act was paid back in full and recognized by the whole nation.
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