Baby boy refuses to crawl. Then parents bribe him with pizza

There are hundreds of “tricks” out there to get your child to meet or beat certain milestones before they’re ready. Some parents go the tough love route and make their babies uncomfortable in order to force them to do what they think their baby should be doing. Others get goofy and “act out” what they want their little one to do. And others? Well, they use pizza!

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A couple from Dartmouth, NS, Canada were hanging out on their deck one day, watching their 9-month baby boy playing peacefully with his teether when they decided that it was time for him to crawl. So what do they do? They placed a giant slice of pizza in front of him.
Pizza is one of those foods that is universally loved by all. With an endless amount of toppings, smothered in cheese, and perfect for all occasions (from baby’s first birthday party to the family reunion), pizza is a truly amazing food. And apparently, its powers know no age limit.
“Our almost 9-month-old son wasn’t crawling yet so we gave him some motivation…. a slice of pizza!!!!” they wrote online.

Source: MSN news

In the cutest one-minute and one-second that the Internet has seen in quite a while, one little boy proves that pizza truly is the universal food we all secretly believe it to be. When the giant, mouthwatering slice is placed in front of him, he immediately sets down his set of keys and squirms toward the plate. His parents keep moving it back as he gets closer to his goal. Then, in a sad turn of events, he actually touches the plate, only to have it yanked from his grasp and set out of his reach again.
But that doesn’t stop this ambitious young man – he turns right around and goes after it again!

Source: MSN news

I can only hope that, as a reward for his hard work, his parents have the decency to cut him a slice before they eat it all on their own.
Let this be a lesson to all new and future parents: if you want to convince your kid to do something, try motivating them with a slice of pizza!
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