Great-grandma helps others for 89 years – Teen performs 89 acts of kindness to honor her

Virginia Booth from Chillicothe, Ohio was a loving great-grandmother. Unfortunately, she passed away at 89 years of age in February of 2013. Very understandably, great-granddaughter Samantha Manns, who just turned 18 at the time of Virginia’s passing, was suddenly left with a lot of grief and she felt empty.
Samantha felt like she needed a hole in her life to fill after her grand-grandmother passed away. Virginia wouldn’t want anyone to be upset, as those were some of her last words.

Source: 89 Acts of Kindness

“And I was really upset for a few days”, Samantha recalled in an interview with a local newspaper.

“Then I thought, Maybe I can’t be happy right now, but I can do things to make other people happy.”

Samantha always received an enormous amount of love and kindness from her great grandmother and it’s safe to say she’s always been a huge inspiration to her. Samantha, who nicknamed her great-grandmother Jinjey, wanted to share some of that same kindness to the world.
“I am performing 89 acts of kindness to remember the 89 years my great grandmother spent sharing her kindness,” Samantha wrote on her Facebook page, 89 Acts of Kindness.

Source: 89 Acts of Kindness

Samantha’s random acts of kindness in honor of her great-grandmother are truly heartwarming, and some even sparked a little chain reaction of people paying it forward.
Act One; Tuesday, February 19, 2012: “I went through the McDonald’s drive-through and placed my order, then continued to the first window like normal. I paid for the woman behind me, too,” she said. “When I watched her reaction upon receiving her paper instead of a receipt with a cost on it; she started to cry and smiled huge! It made me very happy to see her reaction.”

Just a couple of days later, she could already see how her random acts of kindness impacted the people around her:

Act Two; Thursday, February 21, 2013: “Again, another drive-through pay it forward :) But this time, the act began a chain, and the man paid for the car behind HIM! What an awesome experience!”, Samantha posted.
The determined teen also donated blood, helped in a local charity organization, made a surprise birthday cake for one of her friends and cut her hair as a donation for cancer patients.

Source: 89 Acts of Kindness

Currently, Samantha has already shared 54 different acts of kindness and is aiming for 89 acts in total, to remember and honor the 89 years that her great-grandmother spread that same kindness.

“I want to really stress that even though I’m gaining (a lot) of popularity, it’s really all about helping people, and about what Jinjey would have wanted for something like this,” she concluded.
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