Man thinks he can handle pain of labor, barely lasts 20-seconds before begging for it to stop

Childbirth is one of the most painful things a human being—well, a woman—can experience. Call it an impulse to understand one another or just a male ego thing, but there’s something about that fact that seems to make men curious. In particular, college student Johnny Wade in Tennessee was determined to experience what women go through with the help of one very specific machine.


The machine is a simple set up of electrodes which attach to the lower part of a person’s stomach. The electrodes are hooked up to a separate control switch which can be modulated from one to 10 (depending on how intense the person trying it wants the shocks to be). When the video begins, Wade tells a friend who is restraining him what he wants. “No matter what I say, go to 10.” With that, the shocking begins.


Although his intentions were honorable, the pain proves to be quite intense even from the very beginning. As his friend coaches him through the proper breathing techniques, his classmates can’t help but laugh. Still, Wade insists that they make sure the machine goes to 10. Sure enough, the woman behind the controls does as she’s asked—and Wade shrieks even louder. “That’s 10,” she says as everyone laughs. After a few seconds of obviously intense pain, Wade screams the safeword: “Pineapple!”


Look, we have mixed feelings about laughing at another person’s pain too. But let’s be honest, this video is hilarious and we’re kind of let off the hook by the fact that Wade was the one who set the whole situation up anyway. Still, aside from being entertaining, there are some good takeaways from this video as well.
For one thing, don’t let your ego blindly lead you into situations like this. It’s just not worth it. You will be humbled and the footage will spread across the internet like a wildfire. On the other hand, seeing a strapping young man attached to a birth pain simulator must exert some kind of karmic good on the world, right? In all seriousness, we have to tip our hat to Mr. Wade for raising awareness for the experience of childbirth. If nothing else, we’re all going to go home and hug our moms extra tightly tonight.
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Source: NYDailyNewsNY Post


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