4-year-old with autism nearly drowns in a lake, until a hero cop dives in to save him

A police officer from Topeka, Kansas, responded with a remarkable quickness when he saw a small four-year-old boy struggling in a deep pond. Aaron Bulmer from the Topeka PD was originally in the park to patrol the area and was looking for a few people that were involved in an altercation.

Source: Inside Edition, Topeka PD

It was at the Central Park Community Center in the city that Aaron noticed a four-year-old boy instead that seemed confused. Aaron saw that the little kid was reaching for the water and tried to stop him by repeatedly shouting “Hey! Hey” to the child, but to no avail. The boy fell in the water just seconds after Aaron spotted him.

Source: Inside Edition, Topeka PD

The police officer immediately jumped right after him into the water while letting his colleagues at dispatch know what was going on. “Got a kid that fell into the pond”, he said towards his police radio. Luckily, Aaron was immediately able to reach and grab the little boy and a bystander carried the boy out of the lake so that Aaron could pull himself back to land.
Immediately, the boy was taken to the closest hospital and was evaluated by doctors. He was also reunited with a parent who was looking for him, and luckily the boy didn’t get severely injured. After the rescue, the police department received word that the boy they’ve rescued had autism, and most likely wouldn’t have made it out if it weren’t for officer Aaron Bulmer’s quick intervention. Aaron’s body camera captured the rescue and it was posted online.

Source: Inside Edition, Topeka PD

The Topeka Police Department also gave a quick statement regarding the incident: “Many times, children with autism are drawn to water, as was displayed in this case. Officer Bulmer was in the right place at the right time to save a young life.”
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Source: Inside Edition


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