Mom finds out son’s in coma while on Southwest flight. Then airlines flies her to see him

Flying can be very stressful for some people, particularly in light of recent news stories about maltreatment of airline passengers. It can be especially trying in the case of an emergency. It is cases like these where a little extra patience and thoughtfulness can play such an important role. Fortunately for a recent passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight, their staff members went above and beyond to make sure she got the help she needed.


The passenger was Peggy Uhle, a wife and mother, who was flying from Chicago, Illinois to Columbus, Ohio. She had already made it through security, waited and boarded her plane. The plane was taxiing towards the runway when it made an abrupt turn back towards the gate. After a few moments, one of the flight attendants approached Uhle and informed her she’d need to get off the plane right away.
She initially thought she was on the wrong flight and did as she was told. Once she was off the plane, she approached the gate agent who told her to call her husband. It was then that she learned her son who lived in Denver, Colorado had just been through a serious head injury and fallen into a coma.


Obviously, Uhle was panicked. Still, what she didn’t know was that the airline staff had gone out of their way to make the situation go as smoothly as possible. Before she had even gotten off the plane, the crew had been in touch with staff members on the ground to arrange for an immediate and direct flight to Denver, leaving in the following two hours. To cap it all off, the airline didn’t charge Uhle any fees for the flight or the last minute switch.


Still, the airline continued to show their support throughout the entire process. “They offered a private waiting area, rerouted my luggage, allowed me to board first and packed a lunch fo when I got off the plane in Denver,” Uhle said. “The care that I was shown is second to none.” After all was said and done, the airline even called to follow up with Uhle about how her son was doing. She told them that he was still making his recovery.
As mentioned, this story is reassuring in light of recent stories about clients struggling with their airlines. Though it’s always something special when others extend a helping hand when someone is in need, the crew in this story truly went above and beyond.
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