Bus Driver Heroically Evacuates 56 Kids From Smoking Bus Before It Bursts Into Flames

Heroes are born in the most unexpected circumstances.

More often than not, heroes are disguised as workers in some of the most humble of professions.
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The South Carolina school bus was on its regular route, driving 56 students to three Spartanburg County schools when it was suddenly consumed by flames.

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It was just supposed to be another normal morning filled with chit-chatty students taking the bus to school. Then, according to District Five Schools Spartanburg County, two 9th grade students startlingly alerted Stroble to the smoke slowly devouring the back of the bus.

Thanks to the quick thinking of their bus driver, Teresa Stroble, the 56 students are safe.

Stroble immediately pulled over and began evacuating the bus. In less than a minute, the quick thinking driver evacuated 56 children off the burning bus, which was consumed by flames shortly after. The school district is still unsure of what had caused the fire. An investigation is currently still in progress.
Troble is a 7-year veteran driver and a teacher assistant for the district, and now, a courageous hero.
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As showed in the pictures above, the yellow bus was completely scorched and ruined by the deadly flames.
“I can’t praise [Stroble] enough for the work she did. When I saw this bus, my heart dropped. I mean, it was terrifying to see but I had already been told that all of the students had been evacuated, they were all safe,” explained Superintendent Scott Turner to WSPA News.
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The badly charred aftermath of the bus does not stop our minds from wandering to what could have been a devastatingly heart-wrenching outcome, had it not been for hero, Teresa Stroble. Thanks to Stroble, 56 children are happily and safely living their lives with their family, friends and loved ones.
After hearing news of the event, people all over the internet praised Teresa.

Thanks to Teresa, 56 mothers did not receive phone calls with heartbreaking news.

Her alma mater even caught wind of the heroic deed.

And others appropriate gave Teresa a round of applause.

Can we give Teresa Stroble a round of applause for saving 56 children..this is such a beautiful thing to hear. https://twitter.com/mentnelson/status/862849670833418240 

Teresa shows us all that you don’t need to wear a “cape” to be a hero.

Black South Carolina bus driver is being called a hero for saving 56 kids from a burning bus. @tvonetv 
@rolandsmartin @tvonetv Not all heroes wear capes👉🏾Salute Teresa Stroble, So Carolina school bus driver who helped save 56 students 👏🏾👏🏾https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8J9M6wnVrrs 

Teresa proves that you don’t need to have superpowers to be a superhero.

It is thanks to her quick thinking, calm demeanor under stress, and determination that 56 children are safe.
Thank you, Teresa!
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