Build a home for stray cats. Here’s how

Cats who don’t have a home get a little bit chilly this time of year, so why not make them a nice little home for them to rest in? We can’t adopt all the cats, but this is the next best thing!

A sweet little Stray Cat Home will help them stay warm and cozy on the cold nights and give them a safe place to sleep. All animals deserve some love, even if they don’t have a permanent home!

Materials Needed:

  • Tote bin
  • Cat door
  • Sun reflector visor
  • Hay or Straw


Start by measuring out your little kitty door off to one side of the tote bin.
Cut to size and attach your door.
Line the bin in the sun reflector to insulate the edges.
Line the bottom in hay or straw to make a nice cozy bed that won’t hold onto the moisture as much as a blanket or pillow.

Add a little sign so people know that this bin is for the cats! Print one off and attach it to some card stock, gluing it to the bin.
Put the bin out where the cats are to give them some much-needed love!
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