Hardly Noticeable Signs That a Liver Cancer is Growing in You

I’m afraid of these silent killers. The liver cancer comes with so many symptoms, and it’s easy for a doctor to diagnose it.
These symptoms occur after the cancer is in advanced stages and the time for terminating treatment is on edge.

Every disease types out there is treatable if you “catch” it in the early stages. The liver cancer is a sneaky disease that attacks your body, and you are not aware of it.
It goes undetected and grows slowly.
However, if you are the master of the temple (if you know your body well), the liver cancer won’t stand a chance against you.

Hardly Noticeable Signs That a Liver Cancer is Growing in You
There are a couple of signs you would want to go and check up with your doctor. These signs belong to the “oh it’s nothing,” “I will feel better tomorrow” column.
All diseases start from that column and not reacting on time.
Let’s check these hardly noticeable signs.

Loss of Appetite

The liver disease comes undetected, but you can easily say that something is not right if you feel that you are losing appetite too fast.
Patients suffering from the disease get full right away. They are not able to eat as much as they ate before.
In other words, food started to make them feel sick.

Stomach Troubles

This cancer attacks the abdomen. The pain is stronger in the upper right region where your liver is positioned.
The symptoms are nausea and vomiting and swollen abdomen.

Unexplained Weight Loss

Don’t act happy if you are losing weight, but you’ve done nothing about it. Maybe it’s something serious.
Go and consult with your doctor. It could be a liver cancer growing in your body.
You better be safe than sorry.

Yellow-ish Eyes and Skin

Liver’s job is to finish the old red blood cells. When something is not right, it’s unable to do the job properly.
Your body is exposed to too many chemicals that form a “buildup” that result in a yellow color.
The medical term is jaundice.
Hardly Noticeable Signs That a Liver Cancer is Growing in You

Discolored Stool

The white stool is not something you ate. It’s a bile issue. For those who skipped biology classes, Bile is the substance produced by your liver and gives the stool its normal color.
That’s why these discolored stools indicate problems with your liver.

Hormone-related Problems

Liver tumors are not attacking only the liver. They have the ability to produce different hormones that affect other symptoms all over your body.
They include high cholesterol, high blood calcium, low blood sugar, and red blood cell counts. The male and female reproductive organs can be a target for these hormones, as well.

What to do next?

Don’t jump to early conclusions if you feel some of these changes in your body.
Your doctor should check that up and run some tests if your liver is running healthy.
A simple blood test can detect any issue with the liver.
It sounds ultra-scary, but your health is everything you should be concerned about.


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