3 Drinks To Help You Lose 5 Pounds In 1 Month

I have a major problem when football season comes around:

I get FAT.

It’s easy to do when you sit in front of the TV for 8 hours at a time while binging on beers and chomping on chips. And once the season’s over, I realize this:

I need to LOSE weight.

Well since I’m not a gym rat and lack discipline, losing weight can be tough. So instead of hitting the gym hard, I decided to simplify weight loss.

How did I do that?

By replacing all that belly-bloating beer with these 3 beverages: Water – I drank 8 glasses a day at the least. I also drank it one hour before eating to make me feel full and reduce my need to consume calories. Doing this also is said to boost metabolism 30% for 90 minutes after drinking it. Water Benefits. How water can help lose weight Coffee – It’s loaded with antioxidants that burn fat. Its caffeine content provides an energy boost and can increase metabolism by 10%. Skip all the sugar, cream, and other additives. Take it black to get the full benefits.
Coffee for weight loss. Coffee help lose weight Green tea – One of the best fat-burning beverages around. It’s loaded with catechins that burn fat, plus caffeine for added energy. Green Tea for weight loss. Green tea benefits Consuming those 3 beverages instead of beer helped me blast belly fat rather easily. But there’s something else consumed that gave me an EXTRA boost…


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