5 Major Habits That Are Slowly Damaging Your Kidneys

I don’t know how many times I’ve said that the kidneys are the vital organ in your body. Call them multi-talented as they have many jobs and requirements during the day.

They regulate the levels of phosphate, calcium, and minerals. If something is excessed or sufficient, the kidneys are giving you signals to react.
On top of that, they are the regulators behind the blood pressure. Kidneys produce essential hormones that are necessary for this function. It doesn’t stop here as the kidneys are behind the formation of red blood cells. Their job is to carry oxygen and nutrients in your body.
Another task of the kidneys worth mentioning is its role into wasting fluid. They are the filters of the body as they remove extra fluid and wastes. They filter up to 200 quarts of blood every day just to make one to two quarts of urine.
5 Major Habits That Are Slowly Damaging Your Kidneys
Comparing this with your job is pretty much everything. Your job is to keep them as healthy as possible so that your kidneys can perform all of these tasks on daily basis.
If you notice some of the warning signs like changed urine color, itchy skin, sudden pain, breathing issues, fatigue, tiredness, or feeling cold, you should contact your doctor.
Check to see whether everything is fine. There is nothing better than being sure about your health condition.
All of this leads to the question: what are the most common habits people have and do every day that damages the work of the kidneys?

Not Enough Water

Lack of water leads to kidney damage. Take your kidneys as flowers. If you don’t give them enough water, they will start fade.
The kidneys can’t regulate the toxins and eliminate them from the body without the help of water. Keeping this low intake of water will result in many diseases and health issues.

“I Will Urinate Later”

This mindset brings pressure to your bladder. As a matter of fact, you are keeping all the dangerous toxins in your kidneys for a longer period.
Therefore, the harmful bacteria cause infections in the urinary tract and your kidneys.


Smoking is a habit that damages your whole body. That’s why the kidneys are suffering the consequences.
Studies show how the smoking represents the number one cause of end-stage renal disease.

High Intake of Salt

Kidneys metabolize 95% of the sodium consumed through food. When you take more salty foods, their kidneys are forced to increase their working ability to excrete it.
The increased working ability reduces their function as the body retains water, which leads to increased blood pressure and risk of a kidney disease.

Too Much Caffeine and Alcohol

The toxins from the alcohol lead to stress on your liver and kidneys. Excessive amounts of these toxins will damage the kidneys. When you drink too much alcohol, the uric acid will be stored in the renal tubules, which leads to the obstruction that elevates the risk of kidney failure.
Too much caffeine will do something similar. It applies pressure to your kidneys and leads to kidney damage. According to a study from 2002, the excessive intake of caffeine will increase the excretion of calcium in the urine and leads to kidney stones.

Other habits that result in renal failure:

  • High Protein Diet
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Regular Use of Analgesics
  • Ignoring Common Infections
I hope you will do everything in your power to protect the work and condition of your kidneys.
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