Amazing Strategies to Reduce The Persistent Fat from Your Abs

What? You don’t have abs?

Of course you don’t. Start working out. Eat a healthy diet and there you go.

We all have them. Some women have more visible abs than others.

Belly fat is really stubborn. You can’t remove it just by spending time in the gym.

Many fitness instructors and nutritionists say that abs are made in the kitchen.

And they are right.

The key is in what you eat and when you eat.

Doing exercises comes on top of that.

What I have here is a couple of strategies that might work.

They require dedication if you want to achieve results.

It’s not that hard. You will get used to it over time. You just need to focus on your goals.

After that, everything will be smooth as water. Remember, a healthy diet is a key!
Let’s start.

Reduce/Eliminate Sugar

Reduce all forms of sugar and afterwards remove it completely.

You don’t need it. You know how it reacts. It causes huge metabolic issues.

Shortly explained, you take sugar, your body can’t process it and turns it to fat.

Sugar is everywhere around us. Avoid processed foods and sweetened beverages.

Companies know how to hide sugar to make everything seem “healthy”. Watch out for it.
Read more here

Choose to eat whole organic foods.

Amazing Strategies to Reduce The Persistent Fat from Your Abs

Increase Healthy Fats

People really lack knowledge about these healthy fats.

As soon as they spot something with fat, they throw it away.

Maybe that’s good because they don’t want to risk anything.

However, you need some fat in your body. The healthy one.

That kind of fat is included in foods like:
  •      Avocados
  •      Real Butter
  •      Raw Dairy
  •      Organic Pastured Egg Yolks
  •      Coconuts and Coconut Oil
  •      Nuts and Organic Nut Oils
  •      Grass-Fed Meats
  •      Animal-Based Omega-3s
Monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) are proven for boosting abdominal fat loss.

A research made about women who switched to 1,600-calorie high MUFA diet gave tremendous results.

They lost a third of their belly fat in a month.

Intermittent Fasting

This strategy got a huge boost lately. It gives amazing results. People are really satisfied with it.
IF represents a very effective way to address excess weight. It resets the whole body making it use fat as a primary fuel.

Read more about Intermittent Fasting here

The Most Common Mistakes You Make When You Try to Lose Belly Fat

Doing great work can be damaged when the desire beats your determination.
The hunger for unhealthy food will always be here. It’s up to you whether you will feed it or let it sit there.

For me, the most difficult thing was removing sugar from my diet. I was addicted to sweet things.
One day I said: okay this isn’t going to work for me anymore.

I quit.

I still use sugar in very small dosages once in a week or month.

Everything is easier when you overcome the struggle. The desire that will keep pulling you back.

Strong will and you are on the right path.

The most common mistake everyone does is so obvious.

However, when the desire attacks we are becoming blind. We tend to believe in everything we see.
Wake up from that dream and keep pushing. Great results are coming!

These are the most common mistakes everyone does.
  • Chronic Stress
Amazing Strategies to Reduce The Persistent Fat from Your Abs

People feel the need of constant eating when they are under stress. Chronic stress keeps your hormones elevated.
This will hinder your weight loss results. Avoid this. Learn how to manage stress and decrease it so that you can’t ruin your effort.
  • Diet Soda
The biggest lie in the world. Diet soda is not diet. It doubles your risk of obesity.

A research showed that diet soda increases the risk of weight gain more than regular soda.
Stop drinking it. Replace it with a natural fruit drink. You will feel better.

See here what coke does to your body.

Don’t forget to check this comparison what coke does to your body vs. coke usages in your home.
  • Alcohol
Don’t drink alcohol. It promotes weight gain. Drinking one glass of red wine before you go to sleep or during the day won’t harm your health.

Over drinking will kill any effort you take.

Lack of Exercise

I eat clean and I don’t need to exercise. Who told you that?

Make him return your money because the lack of exercise will get you rusty. Nothing is achieved without work.

To maximize your efforts of belly fat you need to force your body to lose fat.

Your muscle tissue will burn 5 times more energy than fat tissues.

This means burning more calories and “melts” down your fat.

Amazing Strategies to Reduce The Persistent Fat from Your Abs

Magnesium Deficiency

This mineral is used by every single organ in your body.

Your muscles, heart and kidneys are the primary users.

If you suffer huge fatigue all the time, abnormal heart rhythms or even eye twitches, you need to blame the low levels of magnesium.

Import Avocados, Seaweed and green leafy vegetables to get more magnesium.

There are other foods that could help you increase the magnesium in your body.

So, what are you doing to remove the belly fat?

Are you doing something more different than this?

Go ahead, share it with us!

While you are there, you can let your friends know about this. This is an eye opener!


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