An Alternative Cancer Cure That “They” Don’t Want You To Know About

By “They” I mean the Cancer Industry.

If they approve this alternative cancer cure, it will ruin their business.
You know how these days people are hiding behind their business.
I’m not saying doctors don’t care about you.
They do.

Doctors will do anything in their power to save your life.
There is a bigger player behind them.
I overheard a little kid asking his grandfather: why doctors still don’t know how to cure cancer?
His words provoked tears in my eyes.
He said:
You know son, people have to die sometime. If doctors tell the cure for everything the world will become a crowded place
I’m not sure if the kid understood the background of this.
Someday he will.
This led to Dr. Johanna Budwig.

Have you heard of her?
She is a 6-time Nobel Prize nominee, known for her alternative cures to cancer.
Treating many patients across the world speaks for her success and name.
Using a combination of diet, flax seed and quark cheese gave 90% success rate.
The Cancer Industry doesn’t want you to know this.

Someone needs to make money around there.
Let’s not get into that because I’m getting nervous.
Maybe they are your best bet. Maybe I only talk about something I found on the Internet.
In fact, there are no reliable statistics how effective this cure was.
Reading more and more about preventing and curing cancer leads to different opinions.
Many people die from cancer every week.
If the Cancer Industry had the cure, this number would’ve been smaller.
Dr. Budwig was changing the way these people eat and live.
She was oxygenating her patients.

This is her cure:

  1. Take this mixture at least once every day

  •      Cup of quark cheese (goat cheese)
  •      3-5 tbsp flax seed oil (or 1-3 freshly ground flax seed)
  •      A dash of cayenne, red pepper or garlic
  1. Diet

  •      No sugar, soft drinks, processed foods, butter, margarine
  •      Only organic, grass fed, free range meat
  •      No commercial salad dressings or mayonnaise
  •      Drink tea (preferably: grape tea, rose hips or peppermint)
  •      Drink plenty of FRESH SQUEEZED juice (apple, carrot, celery)
  •      Get the proper dose of vitamin C every day
I don’t know if this works.

If you feel that you don’t have another choice, you can do this.
In the end, what’s there for you to lose?
It’s really devastating to only think of the number of lives that could’ve been saved with natural cures.
If you want to read more about Dr. Budwig’s recommendations, follow this link.
I think your friends need to hear about this.


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