20 Forgotten Natural Herbal Remedies Approved By Native Americans

Native Americans can’t live without these natural herbs.
Even though this culture is slowly dying in front of us, we still want to see what has been used before.
The native Americans have developed their own strategy.

Everything was around them. The nature was the main source of remedies.
No one has helped them back then. The tribes were on their own.
We’ve read stories like, the leader in the tribe goes hunting early in the morning.
I always admired their fight to survive.
Yes, there were diseases back then, too.
Using the herbs around them. Preparing them on their own way was giving results.
That’s probably how the natural remedies were invented.
Some of those remedies are used today. Unfortunately, we don’t believe them.
We are too attached to the pills our doctors give to us.

They claim that some of the remedies were made with natural ingredients, but who knows.

20 Forgotten Natural Herbal Remedies Approved By Native Americans
I have a list here of these natural remedies that were used back in the days.
Some of them can be spotted today.
It was my first time seeing some of these herbs.
This made me do a deeper research to see for what these herbs were used.
Here is the list:
  1.    Alfalfa – Aids blood clotting and relieves digestion

  2.    Aloe – Treats burns, insect bites and wounds

  3.    Aspen – The inner bark is used in tea. Treats pain, coughs and fever.

  4.    Bee Pollen – Boosts energy when mixed with food. Enhances the immune system and aids digestion

  5.    Beeswax – Used for insect bites and burns. Only for external use.

  6.    Blackberry – The root, leaves and bark (when infused in a tea) treat diarrhea, stimulate metabolism and reduce inflammation.

  7.    Black Raspberry – The roots are used as tea to relieve diarrhea, coughing and general intestinal distress.

  8.    Buckwheat – The seeds are used in soups to lower blood pressure and help with blood clotting.

  9.    Cayenne – Its pods are used as a pain reliever if mixed with food or prepared as tea.

  10. Chamomile – The leaves and flowers are used for treating intestinal problems and nausea.

  11. Chokecherry – Considered as the all-purpose herbal cure. Its berries were pitted, dried and crushed and used as tea.

  12. Echinacea – Strengthens the immune system, fights infections and fever.

  13. Eucalyptus – The oil from the roots and leaves was used for treating sore throat, fever and flu. It was ingested through tea.

  14. Fennel – Used in tea for treating sore throat, coughs, aids digestion, diarrhea relief. Generally used for treating colds.

  15. Feverfew – Natural relief for headaches and fever.

  16. Ginger root – Another classic. Used crushed with food, as tea or poultice. Aids digestive health, anti-inflammatory, aids circulation and relieves colds.

  17. Feverwort – Used for general pain, joint stiffness and itching.

  18. Ginseng – It treats fatigue, enhances the immune system and helps with overall lung and liver function.

  19. Licorice – Its roots and leaves are used for coughs, sore throats and colds.

  20. Passion Flower – Its roots and leaves are used for tea. It treats anxiety and muscle pain.

It’s your turn now.

Do you know some herbs that have been used, but we missed here?
Your friends will probably need to know this. Don’t you think?


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