Napping Benefits: How to Improve Your Mental and Emotional Health?

 By reading this new research published in the Wall Street Journal, I really felt a need to take a nap.
I never napped because who would finish the work for me?
Sometimes we forget about all the things we need to do during the day. It’s very rare when I feel like napping.
I got used to this way of life and I’m full of energy every day.

Have you ever felt that you need a nap when someone talks about sleep? You can say this happened to me here.
In this article and the infographic you will see below, the researcher talks about how useful napping is for your life.
When you think of napping, you probably think about a quick, consistent, and effective 20-minute nap.
My colleagues here believe that if you take a nap during the day it will just mess things up. You will feel like it is hard to focus after that because all that you will think of is going to be that warm bed.
It’s not like that.
The researcher focused on 4 categories:

  •      10 to 20-minute nap
  •      30-minute nap
  •      60-minute nap
  •      90-minute nap
The last one probably looks more than just a nap.
This reminded me of a story I’ve read a long time ago. It was about a country that allowed workers to sleep for half an hour during the day.
Every company was forced to allow that to them. I have no further details of what country it was. I’m sorry about that.
The infographic will show you everything you need to know about how useful taking a nap during the day is.
Here it goes:

Napping Benefits: How to Improve Your Mental and Emotional Health?
From Visually.
This tells you that if you feel tired during the day, you can take a “power nap”. It will literally refresh you and help you focus more on the things you’ll do next.

Are you taking a nap during the day?
Don’t forget to share this with your friends. They want to know how napping can benefit their health.


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