3-Day Diet Plan: It’s Here When You Need it!

The 3-day diet is something different. It’s a short-term goal.

Most of you will ask me why I did this when I’m all about long term and healthy lifestyle?
I’m really flattered I have readers who I communicate with on a daily basis. They ask me lots of questions.
I try hard to answer all of them via e-mail, but most of them I answer them through my posts.

One e-mail arrived late a week ago. I was watching the new James Bond movie. My husband was already asleep.
This e-mail said it was urgent. A reader of mine has gained weight a week before her anniversary.
She said that everything has been planned. She is organizing a surprise for her husband. Sweet.
But those extra pounds are not welcome. She can’t “get into” her dress. She spent a couple of months DIY-ing it.
I saw her looking desperate through the screen and decided to help her.
This 3-day diet has been around for a while. I heard about it but didn’t pay so much attention to it.
Now was the perfect time to show it to you as the woman that contacted me via e-mail managed to lose enough weight to fit in her dress.

She sent me an e-mail just yesterday thanking me for it and telling me that everything went according to schedule.

The diet:

This is a very specific diet. It changes your habit of balanced foods comprising vegetables, grains, fruits and proteins.
The calorie consumption is strictly restricted. It should be followed only 3 days. Exercises are optional.
The results are really promising. I’m scared by the thought of it, but there are no bad side effects from it.
At least, I couldn’t find them.
This diet claims to lose about 5 kilograms in 3 days. The sudden drop of calories in the whole diet plan enables the kilos to drop fast.
It looks like this diet should be used if you are in a hurry to lose weight.

The 3-day Menu

As I said, it’s а really specific diet. This means that there are several foods that are allowed for you to eat.
The combination of these foods creates a unique metabolic reaction that causes rapid fat burning.
This plan also requires at least 4 cups of water on a daily basis.
It’s like setting a challenge for yourself that will last 3 days. The immediate results are like the cherry on top.
Sorry for creating a picture of a dessert in your head right there.
Now, the menu:
A 3-Day Diet Plan: It’s Here When You Need it!
A 3-Day Diet Plan: It’s Here When You Need it!

A 3-Day Diet Plan: It’s Here When You Need it!
Along with this diet, there is something more you can do to “survive” it.

Tips to reduce your appetite

If you are in a hurry, and you want to lose weight so bad, you have no other choice than to reduce your appetite.
I haven’t tried this diet, but from what I can see you will feel hungry most of the time.
There are two things you can do to reduce your appetite:

  •      Drink water

Drinking water through the day will drown your hunger. What’s more, water will increase the burning calories level to maximum.
  •      Get sleep

Getting enough sleep is crucial for your lifestyle. Not only for this diet. Those people who get enough sleep are feeling fuller throughout the day.
I don’t know if it catches your eyes, but if you have no other choice for rapid weight loss you can go with this.
If this is not for you, maybe some of your friends are in a hurry and have the same struggle.
Share it with them!


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