Catch Cancer in Early Stages with These 20 Warning Signs

I’ve said a couple of times. Your body is your temple.
It has its way of showing you that something is not right and you need to do something.
The same thing goes with various cancers. We, the people, wait until the very last moment something happens and then we go to see the doctor.
Well, if you understand your body and know how to read its signs, you won’t have any problem catching dangerous diseases like cancer in its early stages.
That’s why I’m here to help you out. The 20 warning signs below offer you the opportunity to catch various diseases in the early stages.
It means that you are going to be able to react in time and solve the possible problem.

Catch Cancer in Early Stages with These 20 Warning Signs
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Here are the warning signs to look on your body.

Sign #1: Shortness of Breath – Associated with a Lung Cancer

Sign #2: Constant Fevers or Infections – Associated with a Leukemia

Sign #3: Difficult Swallowing – Associated with a Throat Cancer

Sign #4: Feeling Weak and Fatigued – A Common Symptom of Cancer

Sign #5: Feeling Full and Loss of Appetite – Associated with Ovarian Cancer 

Sign #6: Anorexia – Associated with Pancreatic Cancer

Sign #7: Rectal Bleeding or Blood in Stool – Associated with Colorectal Cancer

Sign #8: Feeling Lumps in Neck, Groin or Underarm Area – Associated with Lymphatic Changes (Cancer)

Sign #9: Unstoppable Bleeding or Bruising – Associated with Leukemia

Sign #10: Feeling Bloated all the Time – Associated with Ovarian Cancer

Sign #11: Unexplained Weight Loss – Associated with Digestive Cancers

Sign #12: Swollen, Red or Sore Breast – Associated with Breast Cancer

Sign #13: Swollen Face – Associated with Lung Cancer

Sign #14: Sore/lump on the Skin that Bleeds and Doesn’t Heal – Associated with Skin Cancer

Sign #15: Unusual Changes in Nails – Associated with Skin Cancer

Sign #16: Period Pain – Associated with Uterine Cancer

Sign #17: Chest Pain and Chronic Cough – Associated with Leukemia and Lung Tumors

Sign #18: Abdominal/Pelvic Pain – Associated with Ovarian Cancer

Sign #19: Back Pain – Associated with Liver Cancer

Sign #20: Upset Stomach – Associated with Colorectal Cancer

Remember to check with your doctor before you bring any conclusion. You might confuse the symptoms and bring additional concern in your life.
Catching cancer in its early stages is crucial for your health. I hope these 20 warning signs will make you more aware of your body.

What an incredible news this is.

Lots of women became victims of this “heartless” disease. The boosted development in recent years took it few spots up becoming the most common cancer in women.
Roughly said, it affects every 1 in 8 women. Even though 90% of these women will survive, the treatment can last for months.
The treatment for cancer is terrible not just for you. Everyone who cares about you and holds your hand while you are going through these tough times is sharing the same pain and concern.
The long process could be painful and exhausting. That’s why these new experiments make me cheer for science and medicine.

How it Works?

Several UK scientists found the treatment. They decided to show their incredible results at this year’s EBCC.
According to the research, the 11-days treatment relies on two drugs:
  • Lapatinib
  • Herceptin
Both of these drugs directly attack the protein that boosts the cancer cells to grow. That’s HER2.
In their study, they tested these drugs by giving it to 257 women with HER2 fueled breast cancers.
New Method Kills Breast Cancer Tumors in 11 Days
The results came two weeks after. The Herceptin and Lapatinib managed to destroy cancer in 11% of the women completely.
In other 18%, the drugs have shrieked cancer significantly. The other patients, including Stage 2 breast cancer patients with the cancer spread to their lymph nodes, noticed improvements.

What if a Breast Cancer Patient Takes One or the Other Drug?

They didn’t give equal results. It wasn’t even near impressive as it was when the scientist tested both drugs together.
This has groundbreaking potential. This offers the opportunity to tailor treatment for each woman.” – said Professor Nigel Bundred
If this experiment comes to life and doctors all around the world recognize its benefits, we can kiss goodbye the expensive chemotherapy and its dangerous side effects.
I hope the science will find more clues that this experiment works and make it even more efficient.
Keep in mind that both of these drugs are not side-effects free. Both can be the root for nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and rashes.

The Treatment Could Be Little bit “salty.”

By salty I mean expensive.
A yearly supply of Herceptin costs approximately $54.000 while a year of Lapatinib treatment costs $74.000 in the US.
New Method Kills Breast Cancer Tumors in 11 Days
But don’t lose hope just yet. Maybe this new study will raise awareness, and it’s going to push cheaper variants of Lapatinib and Herceptin.
If there are more satisfied people from the treatment, I bet they’ll do anything to share it with the others.
There are communities of breast cancer patients that could see the benefit of this new treatment and spark the new prices.


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