The US Finally Admits That Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells

I somehow avoided this subject for quite some time now.

But this news just kept popping in my eyes all the time.
I was a little bit scared of this getting out of a contest, but not anymore.
You already know what kind of a person I am.
So, cannabis huh?
The medical one.

I don’t know if you heard the Government probably paid several federal researchers to prove cannabis wrong.
We see these people fighting for cannabis rights all the time.
The government keeps avoiding them.
No, I won’t take sides. Don’t ask me to do that.
So, the research. Yes.
It was conducted by a team of researchers at The St. George’s University of London.
According to the source, the two most common cannabinoids in marijuana (THC and CBD) weekend the ferocity of cancer cells.

In our words, they are making the cancer cells susceptible to radiation.
The study was published last year in the Medical Journal Molecular Cancer Therapies.
It details all the reactions cannabis could have on fatal cancers.
The THC and CBD could be the best option for treating one of the most aggressive cancers. All the results are promising and it could provide the most efficient way of breaking through tumors and saving more lives” – Dr. Wai Liu, senior research fellow at St George’s, University of London
So, what does this tell you? I want to hear your opinion on this.
Here is something for those who want to learn more about medical cannabis:

The thing that prevents cannabis is the Controlled Substances Act.
It became active in 1970. It prevents the cannabis for use as containing a high potential for abuse.
Aside from the medical usage, it’s unsafe to be used without medical supervision.
There are reforms going through all countries for the usage of medical marijuana.
Some countries already accepted it and some are still fighting for it.
After this unwanted admittance, I think those reforms should take a step further.
But that’s just me. What about you or your friends? Do you want to see how they will react on this?
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