How to Use These 4 Natural Remedies For Curing Receding Gums

The receding gums condition can be painful and very often results in gaps or pockets between your teeth and gum line.

Furthermore, the pockets open up the door to harmful bacteria.
WebMD says that all of this leads to damage of the supporting tissue and bone structure of your teeth. It’s not strange if people experience tooth loss because of this condition.
As you can see, there is more to this than just brushing your teeth every day.

What causes gums to recede?

There is a study published in the Journal of Periodontology Online that sums up everything you need to know about this.
It basically says that one of the major causes of getting this problem is the way you brush your teeth. It’s in the cleaning routine.
Researching deeper and deeper in this area you will come to the second cause for this. That’s genetics.
You know how older people say that you can’t get away from your genes. They are the reason for everything you need to “have” in your life.

How to Use These 4 Natural Remedies For Curing Receding Gums
WebMD says that almost 30% of the population has the genes for developing gum disease. If you are among these people you will always be at an increased risk. It’s not important how well or how often you clean your teeth.
If you ask me, I would say that smoking is another factor for receding gums. I know you’ve been waiting for this cause to be mentioned.
Smoking can be put right there between the biggest factors that provoke the development of many gum problems. This includes receding gums, too.


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