How Walking Helps You Lose Weight and Stay Fit?

Why walking? The connection between walking and weight loss is finally explained.

I’m really glad you have these questions in your head. I’m here to bring walking close to you as much as possible.
Some of you probably say that running is better. I can say it is. But why people refuse to do it?
Walking these days is the safest form of exercise. That’s because it doesn’t require a lot of effort. Measuring the walking periods during the day will lead to understanding your body and manage your weight.
If you walk to all the close destinations instead using your car or motorbike, you will see the difference within the first month.
It looks simple, but it sure is effective. While walking, you are toning your muscles and improving your overall health.
But, do you know how to walk to lose weight? I’m serious. Check this out.

How to lose weight by walking?

Your body weight is crucial here. It plays a major role in determining how many calories you burn. The walking pace is the fuel here. It burns the calories.
Here is a simple explanation that will give you the first picture.
If you walk a pace of 4 miles per hour you are burning 400 calories per hour. The math could be simpler if you put it like this: 1 mile = 100 calories.

How Walking Helps You Lose Weight and Stay Fit?
From this point ahead, the calculations are all yours. I think everyone is capable of walking 4mph a day. And that’s the optimum pace.
Walking extra 1, 2 or 3 miles will burn additional 100, 200, 300 calories, respectively.
Walking to the gym and back also helps. That’s like an extra cardio workout.

A Pedometer?

If you want to keep track of what you do on a daily basis. A pedometer can track everything for you. It has the ability to boost the chances of success.
It’s here to remind you that you need to start walking, to track all of your activities and comes equipped with a variety of features.
You can go ahead and buy one or use a smartphone app.
To achieve the preferable weight you need to track down how many steps you are covering on a daily basis.
The pedometer will help you do that. It will show how much you need to achieve your mark. You will see if you need to increase the steps or tempo.
It’s really simple. You can set goals and get reminded about them on regularly.
Many of you now have one question.

How Many Steps you need to take to Lose Weight?

That really depends on you. I will tell you the simple measurements I found, but it’s up to you to figure it out.
Everybody reacts differently. Holding on to your diet and walking will bring you success. Discipline is required.
Keep your focus on your pedometer and let’s start.
  •      1 mile = 2,000 steps and 100 calories burned
  •      1 pound – 3,500 calories
  •      1 pound weight loss per week = 500 calories deficit per day
  •      If you want to lose 1 pound per week, you need 10,000 steps in your day
Do you think you can manage? I know you can! Don’t let the number of 10,000 steps scare you. It’s achievable.
You don’t have to start with this number right away. Go easy. You’ll get there.
Here are a few tips how to achieve this number.
  •      Get off the bus a few stations earlier than you’re supposed to and walk home/work
  •      Park your car further and walk to your desired destination
  •      Walk to the nearest destination instead of going there with your car
  •      Take the stairs. Avoid the elevator.
  •      Walk your children to school
Keep it interesting. Switch things around. Find a way to increase the number of steps every day. It will be fun and you will lose weight.
Invite your friends or family to join you. You will spend a great time together and talk about the things you didn’t have time to discuss.
Don’t be afraid to switch routines. Keep your blood flowing and keep the steps coming.
Change your walking style.

How Walking Helps You Lose Weight and Stay Fit?
I know you know how to walk. You’ve been doing that since you were a little kid.
When you turn walking as an exercise, remember to keep your chin up. Focus on those 10 feet in front of you. Keep a long stride.
Don’t forget to pull in your abdomen towards the spine. Breathe.
Don’t worry if you can’t “catch” this walking style right away. You’ll get used to it.

How often do I need to walk?

Begin slowly. You don’t need to hurry up and achieve those 10,000 steps a week.
Talk with your physician and seek for a permission to start this activity. Do a regular health check up.
Start 3 days per week for 20 minutes. Increase the frequency when you feel capable of doing that.
Right after you lose your first pounds you will believe this technique. It’s really effective for busy people.
They now can’t say that they don’t have time to pay attention to themselves.
20 minutes of walking per day and following the tips I mentioned above will lead you to your desired weight.
Let’s start right away. I think some of your friends will want to join you. Share this with them and see who is up for it.


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