Pure Pineapple Mixture: An Effective Inflammation Fighter!

Every family in the US and all over the world has one method of fighting inflammation.
Whenever they feel sick or seeing the flu on their front door, they spend money on the expensive “flu-fighter” pills.
I’ve had the opportunity to visit Netherlands a few weeks ago. My friends there told me that if someone catches flu here, the doctors are not prescribing any meds.
They leave the organism to fight by itself. That’s how it becomes stronger and immune. They laughed how one time they wanted to fight with their doctor to give them prescription meds.
Pure Pineapple Mixture: An Effective Inflammation Fighter!
The only thing they prescribe is eating good food that will boost your immune system and hot beverages. Nothing else.
Probably, the doctors in Netherlands don’t collaborate with the pharmaceutical companies to sell their meds.
With that being said, I found a natural remedy for you to beat the inflammation naturally.
The mixture you will see below will boost your metabolism and spare you the trouble of suffering from the side effects you could get from taking meds.
The main ingredient in this mixture is the pineapple. You need to use a raw, unsweetened pineapple juice. You don’t want that sugar messing things up.
Here is the recipe:


  • A cup of fresh pineapple juice
  • One tablespoon honey
  • Half a teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • A 3-inch piece of Ginger
  • ¼ cup fresh lemon juice


  • Mix all of the ingredients and your remedy is ready for you
  • Consume a ¼ cup of the solution 2-3 times every day
These healthy recipes are the better choice. Don’t put your organism at risk for the simple flu that will go away in a couple of days.


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