Research: The Big Danger of Sleeping Beside Your Tablet or Smartphone

I knew it.
A team of researchers has gathered around in the Medical School of Harvard University to make history.
Even though this is something we knew for a long time now, we really didn’t want to accept it.
They all had the same approach. Saying that the smartphones expose us to radiation. There are some big players in the technology who are really good at “spinning” anything that comes to their address.
This team of researchers came very well equipped to make the people believe in this.
They targeted the only thing most of the people love right before bed. That is to read a good book or read some stories on the Internet.
Research: The Big Danger of Sleeping Beside Your Tablet or Smartphone
The researchers compared the effects of reading books and e-reading before going to bed.
According to the study, this team of researchers has discovered that those people who are using technology have difficulties to go to sleep and wake up tired in the morning.
The light emitted by the smartphones can disrupt your internal biological clock. The blue light in the evening can slow down or even stop the production of melatonin. This is the hormone responsible for your good night sleep.
The experiment was conducted on 12 volunteers. They were reading one classic book for five days before bedtime.
After that, they were given electronic publications on an iPad for 5 more days.
When these 10 days of the experiment were over, the researchers have tested the blood of all participants. The blood of all of the volunteers showed reduced melatonin that contributed to the sleeping disorder.
The results of this research were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).
Professor Charles Czeisler revealed:


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