Here is How Twin Souls Have The Ability To Heal Each Other

This is a very sensitive subject.
It reflects your relationship with your soul mate.
Sometimes you go to your friend and complain about things about your twin soul.
Can I call your partner like that?
As a matter of fact, do you consider your partner as a twin soul?
Don’t ask me what that means. You know the answer of that question.
It was recently when you called your friend telling her how your partner got too addicted to something or he is getting on your nerves with his annoying questions.
You are twin souls, remember?
There are two ends on that story. Being a twin soul is the same as looking in a mirror.
You are on one side and your reflection is your partner.
See where this is going?
The reflection clearly shows something that you are, that you’ve been before or what you might become.
This happens in every close relationship.
It depends on how deep your love is, respect and understanding for your partner.
We call it a tight connection.
I’m not a relationship doctor, but I know what your twin soul can do.
They can create something that you can’t imagine creating by yourself.
Taking you on a ride where flowers are truly colorful and the sun shines bright.
Here is How Twin Souls Have The Ability To Heal Each Other
Can you recognize your partner or yourself in this?
That’s why you feel butterflies in your stomach every time you have some good time with them.
Some things will start to go away or you’ll start forgetting them.
Everything will seem and sounds familiar, but you won’t remember from where.
It’s from the person you see every day in the mirror.
Listen to your twin soul’s words, fears and behavior. Then see yourself.
Anything familiar?
I know.
They are like a reflection of what’s good and not so good deep inside you.
This comes down to healing. Twin souls can heal each other. Instantly.
When one of the twins is “locked” in a room. With no windows. No exits. Scared for what will happen next.
Most likely the other twin soul feels the same thing. He cannot leave.
You see this in him. Exactly the same moves. The same patterns.
And if you are willing to change all that in him, this means you will automatically need to change the same thing in yourself.
That’s called healing. Soul healing.
If two twin souls are aware of their close partnership, they can heal each other by reflecting the fear, drama, addiction or pattern.
Healing only one soul is enough for both of the twin souls to be healed.
That’s how the reflection goes.
It’s like having a visible wound on your face.
Your reflection on the mirror will show it as long as you have it.
When that wound heals, the mirror will not show it ever again.
My point here is simple.
If you can reach deep inside your partner and see him struggling with something, then see the reflection of that in you.
Try to release it to heal yourself and both of you.
It takes self-love. It takes deep understanding.
Only by this you can see the patterns and release them.
Don’t run away from your issues. That’s how twin souls end up alone.
In a dark place.
Committing to the relationship means committing to yourself.
You can’t turn your back on yourself.
How can you do that to your twin soul?
Some compare this to not loving yourself.
By not doing that, who do you expect to love you?
Running away from it is the same like running from who you really are.
Twin souls are deeply in love. They share the same light to one another.
Meet your real you.
Your true self. There is no place for your ego here.
There isn’t deeper love than the love between twin souls.
Don’t run away.


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