The Advanced 7-Minute Workout: Why is it So Effective?

People don’t want to believe in the effectiveness of these short but intensive workouts.
All of them didn’t try to finish short interval training. This 7-minute workout is constructed to make some changes.
When you put the will and science together you will get something fascinating. These workouts are made for busy people. After this, it is not possible to find an excuse that you don’t have time to perform a workout.
Maybe this will be the next problem. Not finding the proper excuse.
The Advanced 7-Minute Workout: Why is it So Effective?

Are you trying to tell us there is a research standing behind this?

If you read this article you will see that researchers want to achieve just that.
12 exercises for 7 minutes. High-intensity training that involves your body weight, a chair and a wall. This is a perfect combination of a long run and the visit to the weight room for 7 minutes.
All of them based on science.
The Advanced 7-Minute Workout: Why is it So Effective?
Interval training requires training on intervals. The intense activity must be mixed with brief periods of recovery.
This program includes 10-second rest between the exercises. Mr. Jordan and his colleagues knew that this is enough to get your muscles ready for the next exercise.
That makes it efficient.
During the short pause, all the muscles have only a few seconds to catch their breath.
All of the exercises should be performed very fast. The 7-minutes period allows only 30 seconds for each exercise. The intensity level should be 8 if we measure it on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest). These 7 minutes should be unpleasant for you.
The Advanced 7-Minute Workout: Why is it So Effective?

The trick?

The trick is you should perform this workout for 7 minutes. Not less. Not more. After this time of period you are done and free to go.
Seems fun, huh?
Let’s try this and say if it’s effective or not. Invite your friends, as well. Share this with them and see if they are up for the challenge.


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