Save Your Life by Enriching Your Diet with These 15 Foods

The heart attack is one of those leading diseases that took so many lives.
Only those who went through the pain and suffering have the real image for what kind of a demon I’m talking about.
The solution comes in the form of diet. Becoming healthy as much as possible is important if you want to live longer.
Keep in mind that the heart attack is not the only disease that brings your life into question. There are others that could come knocking on your door from the unhealthy diet.
What I have here are 15 foods that will make your diet healthier and show you how healthy lifestyle looks like.

Orange Juice

Save Your Life by Enriching Your Diet with These 15 Foods
The Daily Meal
Squeezing a fresh orange will equip your body with minerals and vitamins for a proper function of your body
Consume it at least once every day.


The most controversial drink out there.
What people don’t know is that coffee could play a significant role in preventing heart attack and other diseases.


Nuts are rich in nutrients that enable your body to work properly. The nutrients play an important role dealing with clogged arteries, which prevents the heart attack.


Turmeric is probably the healthiest spice out there. It will equip your body with cancer-fighting abilities and lower the chances of heart attack.

Green Tea

Save Your Life by Enriching Your Diet with These 15 Foods
The green tea contains catechin, which is a very powerful antioxidant that supports your metabolism and reduces the level of cholesterol in your body.
One or two cups of green tea every day will do the trick.


Including low-fat cheese in your diet will lower the cholesterol in your body and do its best by preventing heart attack on a daily basis.


They are rich in potassium. Making a juice of cranberries, at least twice a day will lower the chances of heart attack by 40%.


It contains a large number of minerals, vitamins, and proteins. The regular consumption of seaweed will eliminate the slightest chance of suffering from heart attack.
The seaweed is a perfect addition to your salad.


Cinnamon’s work is to prevent the buildup in your arteries and fights cholesterol.
Only one teaspoon of cinnamon every day will give you enough benefits for your health.
It’s a great addition to your coffee.


Save Your Life by Enriching Your Diet with These 15 Foods
Authority Nutrition
The spinach increases the Fe levels in your body, which lower the risk of a heart attack.


The vitamin K in the broccoli have tremendous heart attack fighting abilities. They reduce blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.
You can cook broccoli or eat them raw.


Asparagus have the power to help your body to unclog the arteries. Automatically, they are crucial for preventing a heart attack.


The dominant source of numerous health benefits. The fresh juice contains enough vitamins to raise the healthy cholesterol level.
Consuming two glasses of blueberries juice every day will decrease the chances of a heart attack.


Save Your Life by Enriching Your Diet with These 15 Foods
The healthy fats in the avocado promote the important balance between the good and bad cholesterol.
Just throw them in your favorite salad or mix it with eggs.

Olive Oil

The olive oil is already used for many medicine purposes. Using olive oil instead of other cancer-causing oils for your food will significantly decrease the chances of heart attack.
There you have it. This is how you will save your life with the help of these 15 foods.


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