Scientists Warn You: Soy Actually Accelerates Breast Cancer

Well, that escalated quickly.
It was just a couple of weeks ago when I’ve read that soy prevents different forms of cancer.
I can’t remember if that post mentioned something about breast cancer.
Right, before I started writing this I tried to find it, but it was gone.
Anyway, I watched some documentary about breast cancer yesterday and heard the anchor saying that soy accelerates breast cancer.
This got me really confused.
I know that soy is really good for you.
Somehow I don’t like its taste. It’s hard for me to consume it. But sometimes I add soy to meals that I cook.
If you didn’t know soy is packed with fiber, potassium, magnesium and amino acids.
They are all good for you.
As a matter of fact here are the benefits of soy:
Scientists Warn You: Soy Actually Accelerates Breast Cancer
Do you see why this research is shocking for me?
The scientists say that this is the negative side of the soy.
They have discovered that soy contains isoflavones. This is really bad for your health.
Isoflavones are similar to estrogen.
You know estrogen that is tightly connected with certain types of cancer.
It’s linked with cancers that are sensitive to hormone disorder.
Yeah, breast cancer is one of them.
This is really controversial and makes me confused. I don’t know in what to believe.
Despite many people really fear whether they need to use soy or not, it might not be so bad for you.
There are some studies that claim otherwise.
As you can see they say soy actually lowers the risk of getting these types of cancer.
This is because of its fiber properties. Soy is high in fiber.
Many nutritionists highly recommend including fiber-rich foods in your diet.
Scientists Warn You: Soy Actually Accelerates Breast Cancer
As you can see fiber lowers the risk of developing breast cancer.
No indications for us to stop consuming soy.
I can only say to you do not overeat it. Everything that crosses certain limits could harm your health.
A diet rich with vegetables, lean meats, fruit and including soy is good for you.
I know there are people who are nervous about adding soy to their diet.
There is risk, no question about it.
You know how they say:
“Where there’s smoke there’s fire.”
However, if you think that soy is that bad for you, skip it.
There are plenty of other foods that can replace it.
I thought you should know this. That’s why I’ve shared it with you.
I didn’t want to scare you or something like that.
Just be warned about soy and about the ways you are using it.
P.s. I think your friends want to know this. Do you?


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