How to DIY This Special and Effective Garlic Natural Flea Killer

Stop poisoning your dog with flea products. It hurts him.
It hurts him really bad!
That’s my sister’s voice.
She called me yesterday shouting. I didn’t really get her at first.
I said – okay girl, calm down. What’s wrong?
She read an article about toxic flea products. You can imagine how stressful it was.
She called me right away and made me promise her I will never use a product like this ever again.
I know promises are made to be broken. This time, it was different. It was a promise I made to my sister.
She was forcing me to read this article, but I didn’t. Her voice told me everything.
This is cool from her telling me this. But, this made me wonder what would I do now?
How in the world I will protect my dog from fleas?
How to DIY This Special and Effective Garlic Natural Flea Killer
You already know what I did later on.
I did a research about natural flea killers.
I found a couple, but none of them seemed okay.
One recipe crossed my eyes. It involves garlic. Do you know what that means?
I went to the store first thing in the morning. Got the ingredients and prepared it.
My dog smelled a little bit after that, but the odor was gone an hour later.
Here is what you need for this recipe:
  •      1 whole bulb of raw organic garlic
  •      1 lemon
  •      1 small onion
  •      1 quart of water
  •      5 drops of peppermint oil or citronella essential oil
  •      Chop all ingredients and place them in a blender with water
  •      Blend until well mixed
  •      Strain
  •      Shake the mix before each use
Lightly spray the entire coat of your dog until damp. Brush it through.
Make sure you don’t spray it around his eyes.
You should see my dog’s face when I did this. It’s best for him!
If you doubt that the garlic will kill the fleas, let me tell you something.
Garlic is antifungal, antiviral and antiparasitic. This means that it prevents and kills fleas and boosts the immune system.
I told you that garlic is a very powerful ingredient.
Like my sister warned me about this, I warn you now.
Use this natural flea killer and prevent further damages of the toxic flea products.
Does any of your friends have dogs and can use this?


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