Smokers Pay Attention: 7 Tips To Cleanse Your Lungs The Right Way

Smokers where you at? Long time no see.
It’s been a while since I addressed the smokers. They are my favorite. I still can’t figure out how they spend money on something that harms their health.
Maybe sometimes I’ll get it.
I can’t make you quit smoking. But you have to give me credit for trying here.
To make a smoker quit from smoking is just like telling a homeless dog to go away from the butcher’s shop front door.
Do you see the connection?
Making sure they will take care of their health at least once a week is the challenge.
That’s why I always search for tips and tricks to help them.
Before I decided to share this with you, I showed it to my colleagues at work. To the smokers, of course.
Smokers Pay Attention: 7 Tips To Cleanse Your Lungs The Right Way
One of them said: My lungs are already rusty. Make sure to teach people to never start smoking in the first place.
Some people don’t want you to “mess” with their smoking habit.
These tips here will help smokers and non-smokers cleanse their lungs naturally and in the right way.
So, let’s do some cleansing:
  •      Avoid milk products as much as possible

Milk contains lots of toxins that are damaging your body. The farmers are now using different antibiotics and chemicals for their agriculture. All of that leads to the final products, the milk products, not being as healthy as they once were.
  •      A glass of herbal tea

Drinking a glass of herbal tea before you go to bed is a great habit. The tea will detoxify your body and cleanse your lungs.
  •      Fresh Juices

Drinking pineapple or grapefruit juices through the day will cleanse your lungs. They are full of natural antioxidants that will strengthen up the airways.
Tip: Make sure you use raw products in a blender or juicer for the best results. Don’t add sugar or water.
  •      Carrot Juice

Drinking carrot juice between breakfast and lunch will boost the pH levels in the blood and turn on the lung detoxification process.
  •      Potassium Rich Drink

While you are having lunch, the potassium-rich juice will give the necessary support to your body to do some cleansing.
  •      Cranberry Juice

A glass of cranberry juice before going to bed strengthens the body for the fight against bacterial infections.
  •      Steam Bath

Deep inhalation over a steam bath is useful for many reasons. It will liberate you from colds and improve the respiratory tract. The picture below will show you all the steps for preparing a steamy bath.
Any of your friends are smoking addicts? – This could help them, at least, clean their lungs once in awhile.


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