Story: Rare Condition Caused This Girl to be Hungry 24/7. Why?

Wow, what a story. Before I introduce this story to you, I need to say something.
Hannah, the girl, is a very brave and amazing kid.
Stories like this one really make me shed a tear or two.
Have you ever felt like you can’t stop eating? – That you are always hungry?
With you hungry and the food so delicious, you feel like you are going to eat a whole mountain full with food.
That’s your brain talking. When the stomach gets full, the hunger goes away. And that’s it.
What happens if this hunger won’t go away?
Our stomach is saying that we are full, but our brain wants more and more food.
This is Hannah Wilinson. She is 14 years old. Her weight is abnormal for a girl of her age. But she can’t stop eating.
Story: Rare Condition Caused This Girl to be Hungry 24/7. Why?
Hannah was born with a very rare disease called Prader-Willi-Syndrome.
This syndrome messed up her mind getting her to think she is hungry all the time.
Her mother didn’t know what to do. The doctors were shrugging their shoulders saying they don’t know what this is or what to do about it.
The hunger was always here. Hannah was getting really nervous about it. She was eating non-stop.
There were times when we just finished dinner and she looked me in the eyes saying, “Mom I’m hungry – Hannah’s Mom.
This syndrome is a rare genetic disorder. It attacks the brain and the metabolism. It causes people to feel empty and desperate for food.
What caused this brain damage is still unknown. That’s why it is so rare. The hypothalamus, a section that controls hunger in our brain, is switched off. It doesn’t react.
Being full is strange for Hannah. She never felt that way.You will see on the video that her mother is locking every room where she can find food.
If you think that’s wrong, Hannah’s mother is concerned that her daughter could overeat to death.
If Hannah is left alone in a room with unrestricted food, would she eat until she cannot eat anymore? – She would eat herself to death.
Is there hope for Hannah? – Check out the video.
The doctors are trying hard to resolve this huge medical mystery. It’s somehow bizarre to think about someone who is always hungry.
This is something different. It’s her mind controlling her body and metabolism.
She is a brave little girl who is desperately trying to get that out of her system.
I’m hopeful she will stand up straight and fight off this annoying syndrome.
You go girl! You deserve it. Keep fighting and never let it win over you.


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