Stop These 10 Dangerous Habits from Damaging Your Brain

Do you have some dangerous habits in your life you want to avoid?
Your brain is the major player in your body responsible for all the crucial functions in your life.
Damaged brain won’t be able to work on the proper level leading to issues with the whole nervous system and overall health in your body.
Your behavior and daily dangerous habits are probably damaging the brain tissue without you knowing anything about it.
According to doctors and researchers, some practices represent the biggest enemies to your brain.
You need to quit them now or feel the danger of treating them later.
Stop These 10 Dangerous Habits from Damaging Your Brain
  1. Boredom

Have you heard about neuroplasticity?
It’s the ability of your brain to live. Lack of stimulation, or being bored even when you shouldn’t be, leads to declining the effectiveness of your brain.
The same thing goes for the other organs. If you don’t stimulate them naturally, you can’t expect them to work properly.
  1. Skipping Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Having one every single day means boosting your metabolism and telling him that the day will be busy and it needs energy for the rest of it.
Skipping breakfast means slowing down the whole metabolism, and your brain will feel the need of shutting down some areas.
According to a Japanese study, people who skip breakfast “enjoy” 36% higher risk of suffering a brain damage.
  1. Smartphones

Stop These 10 Dangerous Habits from Damaging Your Brain
This one is tough to beat.
All the electromagnetic fields in your newest smartphone emit radiation. It’s extremely harmful to us.
A study from Sweden says this cell phone radiation causes headaches, confusion, cancers, and brain tumors.
I know you won’t quit using your smartphone. Avoiding to sleep next to one is at least you can do to save your brain from a bigger damage.
  1. Working Through Illness

Illness demolishes your body. You are not able to move a finger. That’s because your body works hard to fight off this infection.
Working when your body is in this stadium only increases the susceptibility to get rid of these issues. You are bringing your brain function into danger, as well.
  1. Overeating

It causes obesity. There is no question about it. Consuming foods deficient in nutrients are delicious and cause us to be hungry for them every time.
That’s how we are hungry and overeat.
Nutrient-poor foods do a great job demolishing the brain performance leading to conditions like small brain volume and dementia.
  1. Communicating Online

Avoiding to talk “face-to-face” with your friends causes depression and anxiety.
Oral communication is different than a written word. It’s a form of an exercise for your brain. The more you use verbal communication, more your brain will develop.
  1. Lack of Sleep

Stop These 10 Dangerous Habits from Damaging Your Brain
Huffington Post
Getting a quality sleep is equally important as keeping your overall health on a high level. This includes the brain health, as well.
While you sleep, your brain stores memories and eliminate toxins out of your body.
Sleep deprivation leads to changes in memory and a significant risk of neurodegenerative disease.
  1. Smoking

Smokers, what’s up? – Are you still inhaling those damaging toxins with your lungs?
According to a study from 2004:
The study found that cigarette smoking alone caused damage to neuronal viability and cell membranes in the midbrain and on cell membranes of the cerebellar vermis. These brain regions are involved in fine and gross motor functions and balance and coordination.
I’ll leave this here.
  1. Sugar

The sugar intake directly influences the central nervous system. Researchers work very hard to prove the connection between excess sugar intake and Alzheimer’s Disease.
They have some clues, but nothing major just yet.
  1. Air Pollution

Another one that’s tough to beat. Raising awareness about air pollution is the least thing we can do.
The air we breathe day in and day out is full of damaging chemicals that affect the human brain.
Air pollution causes brain shrinkage among many other issues. Even if you wear a mask for clearing the air, the skin absorbs the chemicals through the skin. When these chemicals reach the blood stream, every organ will get them in no time. This includes the brain, as well.
That’s it, friends. Stay away from these issues as much as you can for your brain’s sake.
Stopping these ten dangerous habits you have from damaging your brain will improve your overall health.


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