The Grape Seed Extract Tops Chemo in Killing Those Dangerous Cancer Cells. Here is Why…

With so many doctors working on finding the proper cure for killing cancer cells I don’t know how we haven’t found it so far.
There are many alternatives that are partially working, but are not proven yet.
You’ve probably heard about colorectal cancer.
If not, this is one of the leading causes of death in the US. This is all what you need to know for now.
You probably found this topic tricky saying there is no way the grape seed extract can do that, but a research says differently.
This study was published in the Technologies in Carcinogenesis and Cancer Chemoprevention journal.
What I found in there was the fact that when people suffer from colorectal cancer they become resistant to the effects of the chemotherapy.
The Grape Seed Extract Tops Chemo in Killing Those Dangerous Cancer Cells. Here is Why…
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That’s really scary.
Usually, when the cancer cells are not destroyed by chemo, the doctors don’t have more aces up in their sleeves.
They don’t know what to do to help their patients.
This new research shows that the grape seed extract targets exactly those colorectal cancer cells.
The Grape Seed Extract Tops Chemo in Killing Those Dangerous Cancer Cells. Here is Why…
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In other words, when these cells become immune to chemo, they can still be killed using the grape seed extract.
This gives hope to all patients who became resistant to chemotherapy!
However, for each treatment to be effective it needs to offer a large number of therapeutic benefits like:
– Having the ability to prevent cancer cells from forming
– To stop the tumors and cancer from spreading all over your organism
– It must kill cancer cells
Well, this gives hope because the research says it does all these things.
The Grape Seed Extract prevents carcinogenesis
… You should know that the start of every tumor is called carcinogenesis.
There are many active ingredients into the grape seed extract called procyanidins.
What’s the big deal with them?
They have the ability to kill the cancer cells even before they start doing more damage.
Which means, by preventing carcinogenesis the formation of new tumors is taken to very low levels.
This study shows that the procyanidins featured into the grape seed extract contains very high anti-tumor promoting properties.
This is due to the antioxidants in the extracts.
Grape Seed Extract and angiogenesis
In order to survive, the cancer needs to start, grow, get supplied with nutrients and spread.
The whole process is called angiogenesis.
As the tumor grows bigger, it needs new blood vessels to be formed so it can take the required nutrients of them.
It would be great if there were compounds that could prevent the forming of these new blood vessels.
This study could hide the path to finding the solution.
Researchers showed the compounds in the grape seed extract have what it takes to block the tumor from creating new blood vessels.
With its anti-angiogenesis properties, the grape seed extract will shut the door for the tumor to continue its growth.
If this is prevented than the tumor will be left without a source and die.
Grape Seed Extract and Apoptosis
If you want to sound fancy and smart you will use the term apoptosis.
In any other way you can just use the term cell death.
Every other than the tumor cells in your body are dying at a certain stage.
The tumor cells are different and there is something that interferes the whole process and they stay alive.
The Grape Seed Extract Tops Chemo in Killing Those Dangerous Cancer Cells. Here is Why…
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By living longer than the normal cells they allow the tumor to grow and do damage to the body.
Yes, you guessed it right.
The study showed the grape seed extract has what it takes to kill them “before they lay eggs”.
They motivate or trigger these cancer-causing cells to commit suicide. By doing this, they leave all the healthy cells to intact.
Something chemotherapy doesn’t do very often.
You can count the number of chemo regimens that can do this on your fingers.
Most chemotherapies kill all of them including the healthy cells.
Do you feel that this offers hope? – I know I do!
The mainstream medicine has all the answers because we are taught like that.
By desperately believing in it, we avoid what Mother Nature could offer.
You can find the grape seeds in standardized extracts with limited levels of proanthocyanidins (you know the powerful antioxidants?).
It’s recommended for you to look for those products that contain 40-80%.
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